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Our performance analytics dashboards give you real-time insights into how your service is being used.

No configuration required.  Access Govforms performance analytics the moment you put your new service live.

All the useful data you need with no sampling and no cookies

Performance analytics dashboard.png
  • Get real analytics showing 100% of the user activity on your service, showing you the facts you need

  • No analytics cookies mean no need for annoying GDPR pop-ups

  • All data automatically stored server-side in the UK

  • At-a-glance key metrics dashboard

  • Get dashboards for your services in both QA and Production

  • User journey completions per hour and day

  • Page hits/fails per hour and day

  • Bounce/drop-off/completion rate

  • Drop-off page breakdown

  • Time-on-page breakdown

  • Top validation fail fields

  • Device type breakdown

  • Browser type breakdown

  • Complies with privacy legislation

Govforms Reviewer reports

  • Use Govforms to search and download user-submitted data, pull data from our API, or send it to your SharePoint site.

  • View, filter and search submitted data.

  • Export user data to Microsoft Excel, CSV or PDF to be processed by your team.


Charting and tagging

enhancements and fixes.png
  • Select time ranges and zoom into charts showing how users have used your service over time

  • Get a breakdown of completed journeys vs drop-offs compared over any period

  • Tag radio lists, checkbox, drop-down or button choice fields for analytics tracking to view a breakdown of which choices your users are making in their journey through your service

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