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Simple, transparent pricing

Enjoy use of our digital service builder platform completely free while prototyping and testing your digital form services.

Put your form service live for a simple per-transaction fee with all features included, plus a clear monthly fee for UK-based live service management and support.

Pay nothing until you put your services live

Connect & Test


per month

free until service goes live

Free use of our market leading digital service builder, prototyping and integration testing platform.  Allow colleagues to collaborate and demonstrate to stakeholders. Iterate easily. GDS compliant.

Run Live

from £0.05

per transaction*

while service is live

Set your prototyped services live on Govforms' low-cost secure cloud. Including performance analytics, Microsoft/API/email integration and custom domain names

Support and 

from £39 

per month per service*

while service is live & active

Including UK-resident data storage, backups, certificate management and responsive email support, with

enhanced support for central government and enterprise customers.**

* All prices excl. VAT

** Central government and enterprise customers get contracted service management SLAs,

inclusive DR cover, our expert participation in governance compliance activities, feature and fix prioritisation plus our most responsive UK-based email/chat support.

Calculate your live running costs  

Use our pricing calculator to determine the total cost and breakdown for running one form service on our platform.

If you want to deploy multiple form services, don't forget to include the support fee for each service. 

Select required support level
Select user journey length

transactions per month

Pricing tier:

Per transaction fee:

Enhanced Tier 1


Platform fee:

Support fee:



Total cost:

(total per transaction)

£59 per month


Pricing tier details

Services deployed to our platform are priced on a tiered basis, with eligibility for each tier described below.

We automatically check transactions and place each of your live services in their cheapest eligible tier for each billing cycle every month. 

You can use the Billing Dashboard within Govforms Digital Service Builder to check which pricing tier each of your services is in along with a fee breakdown and your monthly invoice history.


Standard Tier

Platform fee

£0.20 per transaction


Support fee

£39 per month

Tier eligibility

Local government, charities and SMEs only

Enhanced Tier 1

Platform fee

£1 per transaction


Enhanced support fee

£39 per month


Tier eligibility

Less than 25 pages

Enhanced Tier 2

Platform fee

£0.50 per transaction


Enhanced support fee

£295 per month


Tier eligibility

Less than 50 pages

Enhanced Tier 3 

Platform fee

£0.05 per transaction


Enhanced support fee

£995 per month


Tier eligibility

No conditions

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