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Covid-19 Recovery

Find new ways of working

Govforms is rising to the challenge of Covid-19 recovery by creating employment, re-training and other return to work opportunities in the high growth sectors of digital transformation and software for those left unemployed or underemployed.


Govforms has found that many part-times jobs have evaporated in the economy, which has disproportionally hit women economically in UK society. Equally, the number of economically inactive people rose in the UK population as a result of fearing to go to work for health infection reasons and/or needing to continue to shield. This group found that age and experience worked against them as they attempted to pivot new work and are largely underutilised economically as result. Govforms believes these groups would work by choice if the right way of working could be offered to them that was skilled and rewarding.


Govforms sees an opportunity to connect the designing and building of forms in its Cloud software for Government contracts with these cohorts working remotely to fit their economic and lifestyle agendas. We have found it is less important at what time of day a form is designed and built as long as it is by a certain date. Long Covid is blighting the lives of many UK citizens, some 1.7m, and we believe that people can have bursts of productivity with the condition and other times work becomes too difficult.


Govforms believes it might be possible to break work packages up and buddy people together to try and even out such unpredictable swings in productivity. And so, outcome driven work employment contracts become a tantalising possibility that we are pursuing.

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