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Modern Slavery Statement

Govforms is committed to preventing and addressing the issue of modern slavery in all of its operations and supply chain. We do not tolerate any form of modern slavery, including human trafficking, forced labour, and other forms of exploitation.


We are committed to conducting our business in an ethical and responsible manner and to ensuring that our operations and supply chain are free from modern slavery. To this end, we have implemented the following measures:


We have adopted a code of conduct that sets out our expectations for ethical behaviour, including our commitment to preventing modern slavery.


We have conducted due diligence on our suppliers and business partners to ensure that they do not engage in practices that contribute to modern slavery.


We have implemented training and awareness programs for our employees to ensure that they are aware of the issue of modern slavery and know how to report any concerns.


We have established a confidential reporting mechanism for employees, customers, and other stakeholders to report any concerns about modern slavery in our operations or supply chain.


Our main measure to minimise anti-slavery and human trafficking starts with ensuring that we pay people fairly and that they control their own money when paid. We seek to understand each person’s circumstances to validate that they are working freely and are not under another person's control. The risks for us lie in managing remote working situations to uphold these principles.


We are committed to working with relevant stakeholders, including governments, NGOs, and other companies, to address the issue of modern slavery and to ensure that our operations and supply chain are free from modern slavery. We will continue to review and update our policies and practices as necessary to ensure that we are meeting our commitment to preventing and addressing modern slavery.

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