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HMRC Customer Success

The Challenge

  • Digitise niche policy areas to increase the control, visibility and operational performance of ~40 paper forms

  • Introduce smart automation of manual processes to reduce cost and fraud vectors

  • Handle small transactional volumes of 1k to 30k a year and improve the user experience

  • Work within a restricted financial budget of ~£3m, spread over 40 services with aggressive delivery timescales.

Our Answer

  • We carried out a systematic discovery of user and business needs to find pain points and opportunities for improvement

  • Existing digital tools and processes were surveyed and were found to be inflexible

  • We created a digital services platform that enabled the reuse of common GDS Design system components and patterns, as well as a front end tool to accelerate service assembly.

The Results

  • User needs were analysed into common jobs-to-be-done like “Registration” and “Submit a return”

  • Content Designers, User Researchers and Analysts were able to work together, without the need for developers to iterate and increment the design of each service through, Alpha, Private and Public Beta

  • Delivered 20 times faster and at 5 times less cost, each service, than bespoke traditional hand-coded development

  • Achieved top 5% customer satisfaction ratings in the live services, when compared to all HMRC services

  • Successfully delivered within time and budget.

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