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Digital Service Builder Features

Powerful service building tools built on the UK Design System with accessible UX, easy collaboration and unrivalled customization.

Complete logical rules editor and dynamic content support, with easy-to-configure drop-in actions for pulling and sending data.

Go live and get instant access to our complete service analytics dashboard.


UX & content design made easy

  • All the accessible patterns and components from the award-winning UK Design System, with full customization

  • Add comments to each page, with full comment history

  • Share prototype links with anyone using access links

  • Configure multi-user access to your service design libraries and configure roles & access permissions

  • Full cross-user change history; revert your service to any version without losing any iterations of your design

  • View page-flow logic with clear labels and automatic page-flow visualisation

  • Easily jump to configure any page, component or call-out action in your service from the Service Overview

  • Deploy your service into QA and Production environments with a few clicks, with full version tracking

Powerful logic

  • User-friendly rules editor for page flow and validation logic

  • Add standard validation with a few clicks

  • Support for sophisticated dynamic templating if you need it, with built-in logic tags and functions.

  • Capture repeating content and map it downstream.

  • Pre-populate and transform data from users or your systems.

  • Change the content within your service depending on user actions or data retrieved from elsewhere.

  • Pass data between services on the URL and use it to pre-populate or drive downstream processing.

  • Map user data to your downstream actions directly, or use logic, calculation and transformation functions.


Move beyond the basics with our extensive component library

  • Choose from our page templates and drop in components from our extensive library

  • Special components including file uploads, postcode address lookup, repeating data capture and mapping

  • Split your services by type into libraries

  • Create and move pages and components with copy/paste

  • Create your own single or multi-page patterns to re-use across your services

  • Prototype immediately using default settings with no configuration required

  • Configure as much or as little as you need using our extensive validation, logic, data feed and call-out action functionality

  • Create accessible out of the box user journeys that meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 (

Perfectly aligned branding for your organisation's web forms

  • The latest award-winning UK Design System backed frontend for clean, accessible mobile-friendly services out-of-the-box

  • Comprehensive look and feel customisation to fit with your organisation's branding

  • Adjust header and footer text and images

  • Select colours and fonts

  • Customize branding more deeply, overriding default style sheets using CSS or SASS

  • Free brand customization service for your organisation to match your own corporate branding and website - just contact Govforms support!


Complete live service analytics - out of the box

  • Get real analytics showing 100% of the user activity on your service, showing you the facts you need

  • No analytics cookies - no need for annoying GDPR pop-ups

  • All data automatically stored server-side in the UK

  • At-a-glance key metrics dashboard

  • Get dashboards for your services in both QA and Production

  • User journey completions per hour and day

  • Page hits/fails per hour and day

  • Bounce/drop-off/completion rate

  • Drop-off page and time-on-page breakdown

  • Identify where users are hitting validation errors

  • Device and browser type breakdown

  • Audit trail for live data with linked views

  • Complies with privacy legislation


Addresses, maps and geographic lookups

  • One-click integration with Ordnance Survey maps

  • Drop-in mobile-friendly components allowing users to select geographic locations on a map, fetch geographic co-ordinates, nearest address and more

  • One-click setup for UK postcode address lookup, or provide switching between UK and international addresses with customizable address fields.

  • Flexible handling of address and geographic data, allowing fine grained mapping of address lines, co-ordinates and other location data to your downstream systems.

  • Built-in fallback support to OpenStreetMap maps and geographic data.


Built-in integration with your Microsoft estate

  • Connect your Govforms service libraries to your own secure SharePoint drop-site, with easy configuration and built-in connectivity tests

  • Create SharePoint list items for each customer submission in just a few clicks with auto-mapping, or control mapping with logic templates for fine-grained data transforms

  • Send user uploaded files to your SharePoint site, with built-in structured folder naming

  • Send a PDF copy of users answers to your SharePoint site at the same time you email it to your customer

  • Configure Microsoft Power Automate to move data from your Govforms SharePoint drop site to downstream systems

  • Comprehensive file upload validation and processing options including auto-compress, image-to-PDF conversion, file size and type validation and AV scanning

  • Support for single site access permissions allowing you to restrict Govforms access to a single site within your Microsoft tenant, with secure secret key management built-in

  • Support for separate QA and Production sites

Learn about the Govforms secure platform and our data connectors

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