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Ofsted Customer Success

The Challenge

  • Replatform several complex and long time to complete services integrating into back end databases 

  • Work within tight financial budget of ~£2m spread over a dozen services and aggressive delivery timescales.

Our Answer

  • Utilised the digital services builder platform

  • Worked with policy and business colleagues to tailor and rapidly iterate content using our form builder service

  • Provided training to the Ofsted team so they could use form builder

  • Worked with Ofsted IT colleagues to analyse their APIs and configured user data mapping to the back end database

  • Created reusable workflow automation product for an enterprise sized Operations team

The Results

  • Delivered 9 important child safeguarding services containing 542 distinct pages of content

  • Introduced the platform on a new cloud instance, with new integration mapping and a new reviewer workflow application

  • Implemented all services from inception to live within 12 months. 

  • 250k+ form design content and component changes made by Content Designers with no technical development needed

  • Served ~44k external users and form submissions, 180+ internal reviewer users with 99.9% service availability

  • Successfully utilised HMRC and Ofsted combined investment of ~£5m, into a without rival, feature rich, digital services builder platform that can be used by other Government Departments and Local Government alike.

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