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Govforms Platform

Run your services on our modern technology platform on our UK cloud or your own infrastructure, with one-click deployments and underpinned by compliance with CE+, NCSC and UK Government cloud security policies.

Integrate your user-facing Govforms services with your organisation using emails, API call-outs, SharePoint links, data feeds, file uploads, OAuth 2.0 authentication and more

A complete, modern digital front-end platform

  • One-click deployment to QA and Production environments

  • Revert and compare different service versions

  • Bring-your-own production URL domain name

  • Role-based access control

  • Run in our UK-hosted Govforms-managed secure Cloud or your own managed environment

  • Change management with undo/revert across full change history

  • Runtime auditing of all end-user page views and actions including authenticated identity (if available) and IP addresses

  • Automatic scheduled backups at multiple intervals for end-user transient data, service designs and content

  • Builder tooling application meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 ( 

  • Govforms provide full developer-level support for all services hosted on our platform with clear SLAs and 99.9% availability

  • Public cloud platform status dashboard


Out-the-box integration for brilliant basics that your users expect

  • Identity access management: Federated authentication and Single Sign On with OAuth 2.0, or accept anonymous users.

  • Address management: Address postcode lookup flows and map location features powered by Ordnance Survey APIs.

  • Messaging: Send emails with GOV.UK Notify and include dynamic content and file attachment download links.

  • File uploads: Accept files from users with file type, size and antivirus checks out-the-box.  Use our platform file store or configure integration to your own SharePoint site.

  • API manager: Map data to and from your APIs and securely store your QA and Production properties and secrets.

  • Payments: Take payments with GOV.UK Pay or a 3rd-party provider and be sent notifications (*with Govforms' support).

Push and pull with MS SharePoint, plus email, APIs, spreadsheet data feeds and more

  • Data feeds: Upload data spreadsheets or sync them from your SharePoint site and use them to dictate user-facing content, conditional flow rules or downstream data flows.

  • Data search: Validate data entered by your users against your data feed spreadsheets or API-fed data.  Perform matching using our simple rules editor or sophisticated Liquid templates.

  • Send to SharePoint: Push captured user entered data to a Microsoft SharePoint site with SharePoint list auto-mapping, structured multiple file uploads, PDF creation and more.  Configure dynamic templates to perform sophisticated data transformations and enrichments.  Send your data to a SharePoint drop-site and configure MS Power Automate to get it where it needs to go within your secure estate. 

  • API push or pull: Send user data to your API, or call our secure Govforms API endpoints to pull user data from us.

  • Send emails using GOV.UK Notify, our own out-of-the-box email provider or your own provider.  Easily map data from your service to emails and send attachments.

  • Retrieve both raw and post-processed analytics data using our API endpoints, in either CSV or JSON formats.


Apply logic and transforms, send dynamic content, debug and test 

  • Utilise Liquid templates to conditionally control next user action from any data consumed. Assign conditions to components and journeys steps in the service design.

  • Advanced data submission: Submit user entered data to a custom destination using third party APIs and liquid templates.

  • Mathematic calculations: perform sophisticated calculations across both user entered data and data fetched from data feeds or other actions.  Use the results in user content or downstream.

  • Use our one-click Test Mode in Prototype and QA environments to inspect all journey data and test Liquid templates used for dynamic user-facing content or back-end integration.

  • Integrate securely with any third party API to provide data to inform the next user action.  Branch on success/failure.

  • Test your API calls in our QA environment and manage QA and Production environment call-outs and actions independently.

  • Robotic process automation: Use third party tools to mimic back-office tasks to auto-enter data, extract data and move files.

Combination Lock

Rely on a secure, assured platform

  • Cyber Essentials Plus certified

  • AWS Well-Architected reviewed

  • Lightning-fast response times with unlimited scaling

  • Penetration tested

  • Fully-managed modern serverless ISO 27001 UK-hosted cloud

  • Fully-managed UK-hosted ISO 27001 database cluster

  • Regular advisory reviews and routine patching included

Learn about our inclusive service management and support package

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