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Supporting our team

We support the mental and physical health and well-being of people employed by us and in the Govforms supply chain and eco-system in a variety of ways to inspire and motivate people to stay healthy.


While people are mobilised, we organise internal social calls several times per week and monthly optional physical meetups, social video calls twice per week and physical local social meet-ups once or twice per month within our working group. Attendance is optional but encouraged. We reach out to colleagues that we have not had contact with for 2 weeks or more to check on their needs and wellbeing. Where issues are reported or identified our process includes 1-1 calls or office meetups as required. In terms of monitoring, the directors meet twice monthly and have a running agenda item to review workspace conditions and remote working tools, processes and policy. We reach out to people in sprint retrospectives, via social calls and meet-ups to identify issues that are fed into continuous improvement of of tools, processes and policies. We are supporting 100% remote working with the social aspects going forwards and give people the choice to work from shared workspaces that we finance. We encourage people within the team to buddy up in working as possible as it is better to work in smaller groups to create a sense of belonging and purpose. We are always trying to find ways of making the social calls fun by thinking up ways of participation like light-hearted quizzes and game playing to relieve the intensity and isolation that remote working can also generate.


It is on our roadmap to find ways we can increase partnering with Voluntary, community and social enterprises (VSCEs) specialising in mental counselling so our people can reach out confidentially to talk to someone about anything on their minds.

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